About Mike

From an early age I have always had a desire to become an artist. I grew up around my father’s sculptures and my aunt’s paintings, and this had inspired me to make art too. As a child I had started my pursuit of art by copying popular cartoons. As I grew older, my desire to work with themes such as street art, color theory, geometry and linear perspective became elements that I identified with. The combination of these inspirations are consistent in my work and marry together to create pieces that focus on geometric abstraction with the presence of a symbolic narrative.


The layering of imagery allows me to depict a collection of memories or ideas. By attaching thoughts to a space i feel i create a environment to store these ideas within my paintings as an externalized type of memory.  My hope is that the geometric cues within the shapes spurs the viewer to focus on the symbolic images and experience an internal narrative inspired by the painting they were looking at.


I concentrate my focus on the use of color and linear perspective to establish a strong foundation that allows for a richness and complexity of each piece by creating a three-dimensional look and feel. The foundation for this direction stems from my experiences in street art, which transcends prescribed boundaries found while using the format of a traditional square canvas. Shedding the traditional format allows for the freedom to let ideas grow in any direction using a variety of shapes, sizes and mediums.  These concepts are a way of challenging societal paradigms and the combination of using traditional methods and technological processes to produce the work explores the boundaries of today’s cyber-reality.